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Halina TamMiss Hongkong TVB Actress

halina tam

Halina tam Profile and Biography
Name:???/ tam Siu Wan (Tan Xiao Huan)
English name: Halina tam
Also known as: May
Occupation: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Sep-06
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Height: 170cm
Weight: 52kg
Star sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Family: husband, three sisters

Halina tam TV series
The king of snooker (TVB, 2009)
Sweetness salt (TVB, 2009) in
The four (TVB, 2008)
Legend of the Demigods (TVB, 2008) of
A visit to Life (TVB, 2008) called
Father and son (TVB, 2007)
War and Destiny (TVB, 2007)
Treasure Raiders as FA U clamp (TVB, 2007)
Excellent day (TVB, 2006)
Home Love (TVB, 2006) with the
Oath of the young lady (TVB, 2006)
Wing Trimming Success (TVB, 2006) as
Greed Mask (TVB, 2006)
This section on women (TVB, 2005, guest)
Medicine Moon hands III (TVB, 2005) as
The Light Crackdown (TVB, 2005)
Wong Fei hung – Kung fu master (TVB, 2005) of
True color (TVB, 2004)
ICAC Investigators 2004 (TVB, 2004)
Driving force (TVB, 2003)
Better Halves (TVB, 2003)
The W Files (TVB, 2003)
Qualities of harmony II (TVB, 2003, guest)
A Prosecution II (TVB, 2003) witnessed
King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (TVB, 2003)
Invisible Journey Fannie (TVB, 2002) as
Law Enforcers (????) (TVB, 2001)
Properties as harmony of Kung Yan (TVB, 2001, guest), then
Night Journey (TVB, 1996)
(TVB, 1993) our mind your own business

Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1994: winner

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