Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

Misa Campo Filipina Sexy and Hot

Misa Campo Sexy
Misa Campo Sexy Filipina and a famous model, is born in Montreal Canada. Version C model Misa beautiful face soon as the magazine within the pages of magazines such as a regular firm, uno magazine, and DragSport the second half (for the model in the month of December’06) became the name was given. Misa’s big break when he a Maxim magazine’s’ Show us some as “the girls was published in September 2006, and that an IGN DVD Babe came in 2007 in the name of the day was done.
Misa Campo Sexy
Misa Campo Sexy Model in part from a DVD is officially back. In this video, he ???: Dizon, Justene Jaro, Melanie Tilbrook, Sara Brinsfield, Nina Roxanne like other Asian-American model with the modeling.

Misa Campo Profile and biography:

Name: Misa Campo
Birthday: 1/22/1987
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Assets: SHES got it all!
Misa Campo Sexy
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5′6
Job: Model, Barmaid
Interests: eat, sleep
Ethnicity: Mixed
Country of Origin: Canada

Misa Campo Sexy

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