Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Sexy Actress From China

Keywords that the Chinese girl to come on this blog is the main keyword. Chinese sexy model, beautiful Chinese girl, cewek Chinese, cewek sugar, and more and more like a keyword. Why is so attractive and adorable Chinese girl?

However, from this blog ran for more than 1 year, I listed the most beautiful Chinese actress. There a lot of sweet and lovely Chinese actress, but I will select some of them.

Chinese are the most beautiful actress:

Zhang Jing Chu in fact a famous actress, her best known films from only 1: 3 is not rush hour. A beautiful and good looking but he has faced.

Sexy and Cute Girl

Eva Huang Sheng Yi from Stephen Chow’s Kungfu Hustle.
Eva Huang Sheng Yi

Who don’t know Gong Li. The chinese pretty woman symbol. Not really young today, but her sexy body makes she has another name “Curse of the golden corset”.
Gong li

Zhang Zi Yi may be the most successfull China Actress in Hollywood. Her first booming film was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Zhang Zi Yi

Kitty Zhang may be included as beautiful girl in China. Her movies with Stephen Chow CJ7, she casted as a really pretty and sexy teacher. Her body is so hot.
Kitty Zhang

This is Crystal Liu or Liu Yi Fei. I Choose her as the most beautiful girl ever and forever. She is so lovely and cold. Don’t forget she was ranked as the 43rd richest celebrities in China.
Crystal Liu

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